What is our mission?

At Fire and Ice Solutions, our mission is to empower individuals, teams, and organizations to embody honesty, inclusivity, empathy, and powerful leadership. We inspire positive transformations within various industries through immersive and impactful learning journeys, fostering a culture of change and excellence.

what is our vision?

Our vision is to deliver dynamic, transformational presentations focused on




 creating change in how our participants see their work as 


what are our values?

Integrity, trust, and service to others form the cornerstone of who we are as individuals and as a company. But we don't stop there. We are committed to excellence in everything we do, driven by a passion for continuous improvement and innovation. 

Transparency and accountability guide our actions, ensuring we always operate honestly and honestly. We prioritize collaboration and teamwork, recognizing that our collective strength is greater than the sum of our parts. 

When you engage with Fire and Ice Solutions, you can expect to be treated with respect, empathy, and professionalism. Our commitment to our values is not just a promise—it's a way of life that permeates every aspect of our work.

what methods do we use?

At Fire and Ice Solutions, we believe in a transformative approach to learning that goes beyond traditional methods. Our workshops, consulting services, strategic planning sessions, and case studies are not just about imparting information; they're about catalyzing profound change. 

Through our innovative approach, known as 'transformational learning,' we challenge conventional thinking and inspire a fresh perspective on issues. Rather than simply enhancing existing knowledge, we ignite a journey of discovery, empowering companies to unlock their full potential.


Unlock the Power of Persuasion with Fire and Ice Solutions

At Fire and Ice Solutions, our dynamic duo, Ryan Snow and Brian Brauer, bring a wealth of expertise and charisma to every stage they grace. With a proven track record of captivating audiences at the nation's top conferences, they're ready to ignite your event with unforgettable presentations.

From captivating keynotes to engaging breakout sessions, Ryan and Brian seamlessly blend insightful content with captivating delivery, leaving attendees inspired and informed. Let Fire and Ice Solutions elevate your conference experience and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

group Education

Tailored Training Solutions for Every Team

At Fire and Ice Solutions, we specialize in delivering customized educational training to small groups, private departments, and companies alike. While our roots lie in serving first responder agencies, our expertise extends to helping private companies enhance their preparedness and response strategies.

With a focus on practical skills and real-world scenarios, our training programs are designed to equip your team with the knowledge and tools they need to excel in high-pressure situations. Whether you're a small department seeking specialized training or a private company looking to bolster your emergency preparedness, Fire and Ice Solutions is here to support your mission.

virtual development

Elevate Your Leadership Potential with Personalized Training and Consultation

At Fire and Ice Solutions, we understand that one size does not fit all regarding leadership development. That's why we offer personalized, one-on-one training and consultation services tailored to your unique needs.

Whether conducted virtually or in person, our sessions are designed to address specific issues, refine communication strategies for intense situations, and cultivate leadership abilities that set you apart. With our guidance, you'll gain invaluable insights, practical skills, and the confidence to lead with clarity and conviction. Empower yourself to excel in any scenario with Fire and Ice Solutions by your side.

Dr. Brian Brauer, Ed.d

Emergency Manager, FIRST Responder, and Educator

Dr. Brauer leads the emergency management function at a large public state university, where his responsibilities include reducing the campus community’s vulnerability to extreme events, promoting campus safety and resiliency, mitigating emergencies, and ensuring continuity of operations and recovery efforts following a disaster.

He has over three decades of experience in public safety as a first responder and incident commander, including twenty years at a state fire academy. He works internationally, chairing a non-profit emergency responder accrediting body, and has led the strategic planning process for an international organization.

Brian’s work has been featured internationally in presentations, interviews, and webinars. He has been published in journals, white papers, international training standards, and federal publications. He continues to research the impact of leadership and culture on organizational change.

Brauer holds degrees in nursing, education, and leadership. His doctoral dissertation was a case study of a fire department that changed because of a fireground death.

Ryan snow, M.Ed

Police officer, Drug recognition expert, and Educator

Ryan serves full-time as a Police Officer with a large University Police Department, where he has served in several leadership roles, including field training officer and shift supervisor. During his career, Ryan has gained experience building positive working environments and making decisions that empower teams to embrace their strengths and collaborate towards a common goal.

Ryan has spoken at numerous state and national conferences. Ryan’s work has been featured in webinars, newspapers, television, books, and educational articles. Organizations such as the Drug Enforcement Administration, The National Center for Campus Public Safety, and the Mid-America Prevention Technology Transfer Center have all requested and endorsed Ryan as a trainer and speaker.

Before law enforcement, Ryan graduated with a Master's degree in Educational Administration and is currently enrolled in the Doctorate of Educational Policy and Organizational Leadership program at the University of Illinois. This experience provides the opportunity for him to understand the demands of organizations from different perspectives and develop a well-rounded picture of successful leaders.